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See some of our frequently asked questions below.

What are your prices?

This depends on the product or service you’re looking for. We’re happy to say our prices are competitive, as we’re able to keep costs down by not having expensive offices or maintenance costs to cover like other agencies in the capital. We all work remotely from home and are therefore able to give you better offers without compromising the quality.

For some services like smaller website projects, we have set package prices. The majority of all our projects are tailored and you almost always pay per project, not per hour.

After the consultation, when we have a better understanding of your project, we’ll send you a quote for approval before starting the project. You’ll know what it’ll cost before you sign!

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Can you re-brand my business?

If you would like to keep parts of your branding and improve others, we can do that too!You can find more of our branding projects under “works” and read client reviews.

If you’re looking to get your branding done - this IS the place! Get in touch for an initial meeting, we’re eager to hear more about your brand.
Of course! Branding is one of our favorite requests. We can either develop and level up your already existing branding, complement it with new or fresh elements or do a complete re-branding from scratch. 

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Can you do stationary and printed designs?

Yepp, we have both junior and senior designers with a knack for printed material. Some of the things we can help you with are:

· Product packaging & design
· Event material like booth designs or flyers
· Clothing and merchandise designs
· Business cards, contracts, presentations and much more

Can you design my website?

We both build and design websites, webshops, e-commerce stores, blogs and more. We can either design it so you can implement it yourself OR do both for the best results!

Can you do 2D and 3D animation?

Yes, we do everything from short product animations to 2D-animated explainer videos and 3D-animated commercial videos. An animation project always starts with a digital consultation where we show you some reference work and you get to tell us about your exciting animation ideas & projects ahead. 

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Can we schedule on-site meetings?

We work completely remote most of the time, but in some cases we do on-site consultations or meetings, for example on styling- or decoration projects.

Send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you.

What kind of traditional art do you provide?

Art to Business have both incredible in-house competence and a competence catalog of skilled artists within their field of expertise. We can help you with all your traditional art needs as well as the digital ones. For example:

Traditional art in the form of paintings, sculptures or prints in different material, sizes and motives depending on your goal with the decorations. We also help with transport & installation among other things.

Artwork in the workplace inspires employees, owners and visitors - increasing productivity & profits while decreasing sick leave and expenses. Working with us is a great way to find your next artworks, work with global and local artists and improve your CSR plan.

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How does a styling process work?

We start with booking a consultation, usually on-site or through a digital meeting where you show us the designated spaces. We go through your current art collection & curate it if needed before discussing your own ideas and thoughts.

We present you with a plan and sketch of the office, with the new and old decorations and furniture for approval. After that, we’ll begin to purchase, store and style - ta-da!

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